As the population grows‭, ‬it is a matter of time until the‭ ‬city‭ ‬will swallow the‭ ‬countryside‭,‬

Then the distance between the production and the consumption areas will get shorter‭.‬

The Dynamic terrace integrates both‭  ‬by using‭ ‬space/time‭ ‬potential‭.‬


The structure is made of trusses hanging on two dynamic‭ ‬constructive facades‭, ‬the truss is subdivided by a constriction grid which based on the fields row dimensions‭,‬

carries all the system within and use as a base for one big open floor‭. ‬


The building has two setups‭, ‬a‭ ‬close‭ ‬setup and an‭ ‬open‭ ‬one‭.‬

during the‭ ‬day‭ ‬it is closed as stacked up slabs in one static position‭; ‬while during the‭ ‬night‭ ‬its expanded‭, ‬the floors can slide on the facade‭, ‬detach from the infrastructures and enable a‭ ‬variety‭ ‬of different position between the slabs‭.‬

a dynamic terrace

Moderator | Prof. Architect Tzvi Efrat

3RD YEAR | Open Structures


In collaboration with Emily Deeb