The flux of intensive motion of the‭ ‬highway‭ ‬rips apart the urban continuity‭.‬

In this void‭, ‬the surroundings pop out as islands in the stream‭. ‬

With the lack of stable ground they are based on car parks‭, ‬regenerating the existing order‭. ‬So that the everyday life rituals are performed more and more under the sun‭. ‬

The night‭ ‬that has not been conquered yet‭, ‬brings new opportunities to act indoor‭.‬ Utilising the enormous abandoned car parks as a place for various events‭. ‬

Then the‭ ‬light‭ ‬becomes a material that define these spaces‭. ‬This light can generate new primal needs of the mortals‭, ‬to be the counter when it‭ ‬gets dark and makes us remember what we almost forgot‭. ‬To balance between the great light of the sun to soften light of the stars‭.‬

The islands are linked twice‭.

The upper orthogonal‭, ‬universal‭, ‬register binds the existing towers‭. ‬while the lower local‭, ‬hypostyle‭, floats over the ground water and connects the underground‭.‬

In-Between the suns

Moderator | Architect Daniel  Mintz

3TH YEAR | Radical Continuinty