in the last century the port losing its status‭. ‬the under-cover fish wholesaler market reveals the logistic significance of Jaffa for imports arriving by both land‭, ‬sea and air‭. ‬the site bounds between 3‭ ‬roads in different scales that connect the to local, ‬national and international transportation‭. ‬in this place goods are combined‭.‬

while the fish market is off‭, ‬

the project try to use the fish transportation networks as base for other goods‭, ‬that mix can contribute to the multi-culture that is a basic outcome of port city‭, ‬when people and culture migrate with the goods‭.

each building connect to its domain in different way and serve its needs‭,‬

while between them people can stop drink‭, ‬eat and meet‭.‬

on this fertile ground can grow mix of local‭, ‬national and international business and cultural centre and to be the first heartbeat in the next generation of Jaffa as contemporary port city‭.‬

Inter-change block

Moderator | Arch. ‬Senan Abdelqader Arch. Iddo Ginat

4TH YEAR | Formal/in-Formal