Buenos Aires is located on the bank of‭ ‬La plata river‭, ‬the meeting point of the estuary of rivers rooted in‭ ‬Brazil‭, ‬Bolivia‭, ‬Paraguay‭, ‬Uruguay and Argentina‭ ‬with the Atlantic ocean‭.‬

It is one of the largest capitals in south America‭, ‬and a‭ ‬port‭ ‬for political economical and cultural exchange‭, ‬between south America and the world‭.‬


The‭ (‬s‭) ‬port center is a big open space stretched from the land to water and frame the view from one to the other‭.‬

The structure is series of concrete‭ ‬arches‭; ‬the lower part is shaped as curved columns and beams‭, ‬and the upper part give way to‭ "‬v‭" ‬roof elements one sided windows blocking direct sun-light‭. ‬To prevent wind tunnel effect the The two narrow facades are closed with glass surface hang on light cable‭ ‬construction‭.‬

following that logic the project preforms as an‭ ‬arena‭ ‬trying to minimise outer natural forces effects to make a‭ "‬nueteral‭" ‬condition for people to exhibit their talent‭.‬


Moderator | Architect Lestard cajide janches 

4TH YEAR | Sport centers