Sports events form an alternative, ex-territorial existence which disassociates the user from their day-to-day reality and provide an opportunity for people to connect unintentionally without requiring mediation of matter and material.

Throughout history, sports have been a core ingredient in human culture and the public space. Its meaning, purpose and location have mutated between periods, but it was consistently a space that enabled experiential experimentation which touch the crowd, the group and the individual.

In the urban space, the same dynamics also exist but in privately controlled and governed spaces, and they are not publicly accessible. Sport events hold great potential in reviving the public space and enriching it with new experiences, experimentation and new connections.

Based on this premise, we create a strategy for a new metropolitan/city structure, which includes a public open space intended to connect, act and perform. It is designed to enable passion and desires as part of the make of the city.

The project will take experiences from the private spaces and will reorganize them in the public urban setting. It will enable a critical view on terms that are charged politically such as collectivism, existence within a group, personhood and exposure.

By asking "what if?", we will show how the familiar Tel-Aviv public space could have been designed differently. We design a new "high street" which starts from the north of the city - the first Maccabia stadium, and all the way to Jaffa - the Bassa (Blumfield) stadium - it will be a channel of sports, culture and education, charged by potential new spaces for various types of connections and human encounters.

three essays on body

Moderator | Architect Shmuel Grueg 

5TH YEAR | Final Project Studio

In collaboration with Tamar Ben Israel